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Tacoma Weekly News Featured Story: Repaired Refrigerator Shows Impact of Volunteerism

For years, the walk-in refrigerator at Tacoma Adventist Community Services food bank was in pretty bad shape. The staff made do with what they had, not letting it stop them from serving their many clients with special dietary needs, but there was no getting around the fact that the cooler needed work.

“There were holes in it, the cold air would leak out and it would overheat,” due to the compressor unit having to work double-time, said executive director Leslie Badgley.

Facing repair costs much too high to afford, Badgley and volunteer coordinator Lori Caley-Thorne turned to Mike Snyder for help. He and his wife, Sandy, have been helping out at the food bank for upward of 20 years and have long been loyal helpers who Badgley and Caley-Thorne can always turn to.

“Over the years, Mike has been a real friend. I can always call on him anytime I need something,” Caley-Thorne said, and that’s just what she did.

Enlisting the help of his brother and construction contractor Dorman Voshell Jr., he and Mike got right to work. Mike purchased insulation and laminate paneling and Dorman bought the hardware to install it. Together, the brothers transformed the inside of the refrigerator in looks and functionality.

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